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vs. 1.7% when homeowners try to work with their bank
*Verified by independent third party research firm
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"Axelrod & Associates is different and one of the key things I love about them is their follow-up and follow-thru. The minute they hear anything
about your modification you receive an email or a phone call."
                                          - Marcia Pennicott
How does it work?
The homeowner affordability and stability plan has made it possible for homeowners, who have experienced a financial hardship, to reduce the interest rate or principal balance of their home loans without having to meet the requirements of a traditional refinance. The goal of the programs is to make your monthly mortgage payments affordable based on your current financial situation so that you can stay in your home.

You probably have heard that lenders are overwhelmed and they can’t keep up with the volume of people who are having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments. Many homeowners try to work with a lender directly, but only 1.7% of them are successful in getting a loan modification. In fact 82.4% of our clients had tried and failed to get a modification on their own before they came to us. Oftentimes, the lenders misplaced documents or took so long to review the paperwork that by the time they did, the documents were outdated and the modification was denied. In comparison, our success rate is 94.8%.
Get Mortgage Loan Modification in California at Success Rate of  94.8%
*Verified by independent third party research firm
Our success rate in getting our clients a loan modification is 94.8% because:

We make sure that all of your information is complete and in the correct format based on your particular lender’s requirements. We have significant experience working with banks and we have developed relationships with all of the top lenders. We particularly specialize in loan modifications for Chase, US Bank, Bank of America, IndyMac, Wells Fargo, Citibank, First Horizon, OCWEN, GMAC Mortgage, Citizens Bank, HSBC, Midland, HFC and more. We relentlessly hound the banks until we get you your modification processed. As a law firm, we know the law and we know what the banks are willing to do, which allows us to negotiate better terms on your behalf.

Make sure you select a firm with a strong track record verified by a third party, can provide legitimate testimonials and who will fight to make sure you get the lowest rate possible.
The loan modification process starts with us collecting information about your loan, income and expenses. Our legal team reviews your responses in order to determine your eligibility at absolutely no cost to you. You are notified within 2-24 hours of your eligibility based on your lender's guidelines. If you are eligible to proceed, our representative meets with you to complete the forms your bank requires. We analyze your documents and supporting documentation and ensure your documents meet your lender's requirements. We prepare and submit the loan modification package to your lender. We contact your lender to ensure all paperwork was received and is in order. We continue to contact your lender until they are ready to process your paperwork, at which time we negotiate the terms of your loan modification. Throughout the process we continue to be in touch with you to keep you appraised of the status of your loan modification. Once your loan mod is approved, we ensure that you understand the new terms of your loan, and assist you with any questions that may arise.
It is definitely smart to be cautious and carefully select a reputable law firm for your modification. Your home is too important to take any chances. There are some modification companies that provide free assistance. If you do decide to go with a firm that does not charge for their work, make sure you understand what they are and what they are not going to do for you. They will usually send you a checklist of the papers you need to send the bank and they may answer any questions you may have. Most of them will not review your paperwork to make sure it is in order. They will also not make sure the bank receives or processes the paperwork in a timely manner. They will also not negotiate with the bank on your behalf. Make sure you find out what they will and will not be doing on your behalf. Additionally, be wary of people who overpromise or offer a guarantee for a loan modification. There have been instances where people have been given a loan modification but their monthly payments actually increased.